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Infosys Awarded Highest LEED Rating for its BPO Building in Pune

Infosys,  today announced that its BPO building at the Hinjewadi campus in Pune, has been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) India ‘Platinum’ rating by the Indian Green Building Council, the highest recognition for sustainable building design. With this, Infosys now has a total of eight buildings covering more than 2.5 million square feet of space that have garnered the prestigious Platinum rating.
Some of the key features of the building include the use of-

Efficient lighting: The use of LED and T5 lamps has resulted in 40% more efficient lighting than global ASHRAE standards  Innovative wastewater technologies: The building has dual plumbing lines which facilitates recycling of water which is used for landscaping, air conditioning and flushing

Reduction in water consumption: Low flow fixtures and the use of recycled water have resulted in a 60% reduction in water consumption

Use of local materials: About two-thirds of the materials used for the project were manufactured within 800 km of the project site

Efficient HVAC design: Chilled beams and dedicated outdoor air systems are provided with chilled water from the district energy system. This design has resulted in 46% higher efficiency compared to ASHRAE baseline standards

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