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Fifty-three solar-powered homes built for narikoravas in Thuraiyur

According to reports, a new narikorava colony has come up in Madurapuri panchayat in Thuraiyur block in the district.

The colony accounted for 53 houses and was built in Madurapuri panchayat in response to the demand made by members of narikoarava community more than a year ago.

Jayashree Muralidharan, Collector, inspected the new colony at Madurapuri on Tuesday. She planted a few saplings and presented a cheque for Rs. 5 lakh for the electricity-related expenditure, sponsored by the State Bank of India.

Ms. Jayashree said house site pattas for 53 houses had been sanctioned initially after the narikoravas had approached her with their petition. But the group had returned stating that they did not have the financial capacity to build houses. So, the colony was built with funds provided by banks under their corporate social responsibility initiative.

Indian Overseas Bank had given a loan of Rs. 20,000 per head for the narikoravas and Dalmia cements had given away 2,000 bags of cement.

The buildings are “green” solar-powered houses and the colony boasts a 24-hour Cauvery water supply, a mini power pump (instead of a hand pump), well laid roads, a school under CHEERS (Child Labour Effective Elimination and Rehabilitation Society) scheme, and integrated sanitary complex with toilets.

Fifty children were enrolled in the school, which has a vocational teacher, a clerk, and two teachers. The school was started two years ago and caters of students from class 1 to 5, in the age group of 9 to 14.

“The total infrastructure cost for building the colony is Rs. 1.27 crore.

“It includes the money spent for the houses, cement cost, electricity and pipelines establishment, laying of roads, and building the school,” said Ms. Jayashree.

The colony houses a population of 750 with 350 families.

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