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Philips India to give big push to LED products

According to reports, with the prices of quality LED lighting products having come down drastically over the last two years, Philips India is set to drive home its LED product strategy starting with the roll-out of a star-studded marketing campaign.

“Two years ago, the price of an LED bulb was six to seven times that of an equivalent CFL product. Now, it is only around three times higher,” said Sumit Joshi, Head – Marketing Philips Lighting India.

“Much of the company’s India LED strategy comes out of the development and innovation centres in Noida and Bangalore, where India-specific solutions such as the LED ‘diya’ have been created.

The company expects that nearly 50 per cent of the global lighting market will be LEDs by 2015, and that similar trend would pick up in India a few years after that.

“A lot of what we are doing is making an all-out effort to create awareness amongst consumers about the benefits of LED lights, both in urban and in rural areas,” Mr. Joshi said, while addressing reporters here on Wednesday.

According to Mr. Joshi, the current perception amongst consumers is that LED lamps are synonymous with cheap Chinese products.

A difference needs to be made between LED lamps and Philips LEDs, he said.

As part of the shift towards LED lighting, the company signed up actors Shruti Hassan and Ranbir Kapoor as brand ambassadors, who, in the company’s “biggest-ever marketing campaign”, will endorse Philips’ range of LED lighting solutions.

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