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Suzlon subsidiary REpower becomes Senvion

According to reports, wind turbine maker Suzlon Energy Thursday said it has renamed its subsidiary REpower as Senvion.

The transition to the new corporate design and name change will take place in the next year 2014, Suzlon Energy said in a statement Thursday.

“REpower has been using its name under a licence since 2001. The rights belong to a Swiss company that is now using this name itself. Therefore, the external corporate design will be gradually changed. REpower will thereafter identify itself using the new brand image worldwide,” it said.

The announcement of the new name was agreed for 2013 with the licensor, the release said.

REpower Systems CEO Andreas Nauen said, “This is an important development for us in addition to having unique products and services we will also be the only company with this name.”

As Senvion, the company will continue to build a strong brand and remain an innovative company in the wind energy industry, he said.

REpower, founded in 2001, was acquired by Suzlon Energy in December 2009.

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