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City engineer makes ultra cheap solar fence

According to reports, this could be a big blessing for the farmers facing losses due to animal raids on crops. A city based biomedical engineer Avinash Jadhav has devised a solar fence, almost 95% cheaper than the regular ones available in the market.

“While they cost about Rs 1.75-2 lakh, the ones made by me cost only Rs10,000,” said Jadhav. He claimed to have used cheaper but equally effective substitutes for the battery operated solar fences. “I have used simple wires and wooden poles for the frame instead of the iron rods and the costlier wire,” Jadhav said.

Quoting police figures, Jadhav said that around 185 farmers and their relatives had died following electric shocks in the region. “They use electricity meant for pumps or steal it from high tension wires going above their fields, thus creating enough opportunities for terrible accidents. Losses of animal life are not accounted for,” he said.

Jadhav said that farmers install such fences due to constant raids by wild animals on their crops. He added, “They run into huge losses because of crop destruction. Most farmers cannot afford the fencing and those who can, face problems mentioned above.”

The battery of Jadhav’s fence will charge itself up during the day through solar panels and the fence will be activated in the night. The fence will give off a current of about 2000 volt DC for half a second every other second. “It won’t seriously harm any animal or human. It would only scare an animal enough not to venture near the field again,” said Jadhav.

He said he had already tested the fence with 25 farmers in villages near Chimur, Ramtek, Wardha etc and got a very good feedback for it.

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