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Subsidy for mega solar plants sought in Tamil Nadu

According to reports, The latest announcement by the State government regarding extension of subsidy assistance of `20,000 for one kilowatt plant that costs `1 lakh, in addition to `30,000 provided by the government of India for the installation of roof-top solar power plants for domestic application was hailed by the locals and social activists here. They have appealed to the Chief Minister to further extend the subsidy assistance to bigger domestic plants.

The capital subsidy, according to the government order, is only for 1 KW plants, and only for the first 10,000 applicants. Locals here noted that there is a growing interest in putting up large, commercial rooftop solar projects, which should also be considered for assistance by the State government.

Activist Ruby Nakka said, the government should consider extending the subsidy up to 10 KW plants as a majority of households, who are bulk consumers of electricity, use more electrical appliances. Assisting them would reduce the pressure on the consumption of conventional power supply, he added.

He also pointed out that more incentives and loan assistance should be extended to solar power business and manufacturing sectors.

Social activist R Chandrasekaran said instead of providing subsidy component to the first 10,000 consumers, the government could think of installing solar power plants in all households (according to the needs of the consumers) with variable capacities of power generation, and collect the cost of the plant through the instalments.

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