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WWF India brings cheaper renewable energy products to Bangalore

According to reports, if you want to be a green energy user, you can choose products that fit your requirements at a fair that hosts economically viable renewable energy generation products. WWF India has organized this two-day Green Energy Fair in Bangalore which targets households to opt for green energy.

The fair is a part of the `Seize Your Power’ campaign under which the WWF is engaging with state governments and Centre to reduce dependency on conventional sources. The Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL) is partnering with WWF India in Karnataka to promote green energy usage.

The study done by the world organization shows that 1.15 lakh premature deaths and two crore asthma cases are recorded due to air pollution caused by coal power plants’ emissions in the country annually. It also says that over 70 percent of electricity generation in India is through coal power plants but still the supply falls short during peak hours by 10 percent. Another fact that can’t be ignored, despite all this, is that more than 2.9.3 crore Indians living in remote areas have no access to electricity.

“The idea is to make these generators of green energy—solar, wind etc to be light on the pockets of the common man, mainly middle income groups and lower middle income groups. Our efforts will continue to convince governments to show support for micro-financing for such products for rural people also,” said Hari Somshekhar, state director, WWF India.

The event also includes a campaign for the city. Citizens can vote for any of the three iconic buildings– Vidhana Soudha, Ravindra Kalakshetra or Town Hall to be completely based on renewable energy. They can sign up to send their vote in the fair.

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