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India International Cleantech Summit 2013 begins

According to reports, the high risk perception towards new technologies and gaps in the existing policy and regulatory framework at the domestic level coupled with uncertain global environment have hindered the growth of Cleantech segment in the country.

On the occasion of India International Cleantech Summit 2013?, at a session on?Investors Outlook on Cleantech in India panelists highlighted the investors perception, their future vision and strategies for the growth of the sector. Issues such as impact of investments for Cleantech adoption and the requisite measures to incentivize the flow of investments were deliberated upon.

Shivanand Nimbargi, Managing Director & CEO, Green Infra, saidthat there is increasing awareness for the adoption of clean energy and more emphasis was being laid on reducing carbon footprints. However, investors were still wary of investing in renewable energy, as this sector required long term investments and was not adequately supported by policy measures. In the case of biomass, policy support did not match the investments that were happening.

Ardeshir Contractor, Managing Director, Kiran Energy, said that equity investors look at scale, therefore large projects will attract higher equity. The market as such has tremendous potential but lack of policy framework and unclear guidelines on subsidies had slowed down the pace of development of the sector.

Charanjit Singh, Vice President, Clean Tech, Climate Change and Utilities, Global Research Centre, HSBC, said that competing with subsidized conventional feed stocks; regulatory uncertainty and enforcement; grid connectivity and infrastructure issues and competing with conventional power for fund were posing as some of the biggest hurdles for the investors.

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