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Warangal Corporation installs rooftop solar photovoltaic unit

According to reports, Instruments Techniques has installed a 27 KW rooftop solar photovoltaic power system in the Warangal Municipal Corporation (WMC).

Basavararaju Saraiah, State Minister for BC Welfare, inaugurated the plant. The solar photovoltaic system will power the ground floor of the office, running all lighting systems, fans and the computer load for eight hours during the day.

The system will generate around 125 KWh (units) of electrical energy each day on an average that will amount to around 40,000 units or more every year.

This is a decentralised, independent source of energy to power the Municipal Corporation office. It will be an insurance against any grid failure or during a calamity such as storms and floods. So the work in the office of the Municipal Corporation will not suffer and can be done reliably even in the event of a calamity.

Vivek Yadav, Municipal Commissioner, in a statement said, “We are demonstrating the way forward for the use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy, which is the need of the hour for our country that is suffering from energy crisis.”

“The decentralised off-grid solar systems are good to power such public facilities given the advantages of not only lessening the dependence on grid power, but also having a more reliable source of power,” he said.

Ravi Surapaneni, Director of Instruments Techniques, said “the system installed surpasses the specifications and are made to be the most reliable. We will make sure the solar power system performs to the desired requirements.”

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