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India tops in priority to tap renewable energy potential: Bryson

According to reports, John Bryson, former US secretary of Commerce and head of The Bryson Climate Initiative said that his top concern is to explore potential for adoption of renewable energy in India, China and Taiwan. At an interactive session on ‘Renewable Energy and Climate Change’ organized by CII in Bangalore on Monday, he said that energy efficiency, role of Green Building concepts and larger penetrations of renewable energy will boost economical growth also.

Aroon Raman, past chairman, CII Karnataka and managing director of Raman Fibre Science, Padu S Padmanaban, founder member, CII- Green Business Centre and former program director and senior energy advisor, USAID, India, K Krishan, chairman, CII task force on bio-energy and chairman, Envitec Biogas India and Syed Mohamed Beary, chairman, Indian Green Building Council Bangalore and CMD and chairman, Bearys Group, provided valuable insights on the subject of energy efficiency and climate change vis-a-vis India.

Bryson said, “Bryson Climate Initiative is exploring opportunities in India and China to work on climate change technologies. According to me it is not just the government but more so the private sector which could make a difference. He urged industry to support people with passion to effectively address the problems of climate change.” He also said that entrepreneurs must engage with academia.

Aroon Raman said that the issues of climate change and renewable energy discussion involves best minds globally, however there is still much confusion on the ground. He said that currently there was a trade-off between the standard of living and climate change and similarly there was also a trade-off between sustainability and energy efficiency which need to be addressed.

Padu S Padmanaban said that energy efficiency was going to be the bridge between the domination of coal and oil in India to a country emerging as a hub for renewable energy. He said that if the country were to grow at 7 to 8 per cent it would exhaust its energy supplies and on the flip side lack of growth would lessen the chance of alleviating poverty. He highlighted the fact that reduced dependence on oil and coal could enhance the GDP growth. He added that India should include energy efficiency also in the RPO obligations of States. He said India should be a hub to exchange power amongst the South Asian countries to deal with climate change.

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