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Rooftop solar panels to help slash power bills in Gujarat

According to reports, after developing a solar park and canal-based solar power generation plant, the Gujarat government will soon announce a new rooftop power policy for residential, commercial and industrial units. It will shortly announce a new rooftop power policy.

Sources in energy and petrochemicals department said, “The policy will be valid till March 31, 2015, and targets 10,000 rooftop installations having about 20 mega watt (MW) of installed capacity on residential buildings and another 20 MW on non-residential buildings, including industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural.”

The government will provide a subsidy of 40% or the maximum of Rs 32,000 per kilo watt (KW) for up to 2 KW, along with VAT exemption on purchase of equipment for residential rooftop photo voltaic (PV) systems.

In addition to the state subsidy, all systems, whether residential or non-residential, could also avail 30% central subsidy.

Sources added, “Individual non-residential rooftop PV system capacity will be limited to generate up to the maximum of 6% of the consumer’s previous year’s energy consumption, up to the maximum installed capacity of 100 KW. All rooftop PV systems shall have a single bi-directional meter to measure the import and export of electricity. According to the proposed policy, power companies will charge the consumer on the ‘net’ consumption of electricity at the end of the billing cycle. In case a consumer is a net generator at the end of the billing cycle, the company will not be liable to pay to the consumer for any excess energy fed into the grid.”

Channel partners, selected by ministry of new and renewable energy, will be the contact point between the government agencies and customers. While the Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) will facilitate the channel partners in claiming the subsidy, all the applications will be routed through it to any avoid duplication of benefits.

For base calculation, 1 KW of solar PV installation will cost Rs 80,000 to 90,000 and generate 4 to 4.5 units per day. Such installations take up roof space of about 10 to 12 square metres.

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