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APJ Abdul Kalam at home with solar power

According to reports, former President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is no exception to frequent power cuts in Tamil Nadu, putting visitors and his 97-year old elder brother in his home in Rameswaram to a lot of trouble. The former missile scientist has now converted his residence to a solar powered one, saving on energy costs.

Narrating the incident of power outages in Rameswa­ram, at two functions here, Kalam said frequent power shortages created inconvenience to his brother  living in the ancient house as a joint family.

Also every day around 1,000 visitors from all over India to the Gallery and Library in his house were disappointed due to non availability of power, he said. “Particularly my bro­ther does namaz five times, including early morning at 4 am. In such a situation, I thought there is no other way than converting the house as solar powered,” Kalam said.

All lights and bulbs were replaced with LED and the total consumption reduced to 2.5 KW instead of six KW, he said. “Now my house at Rameshwaram is fully so­l­ar powered and power is av­ailable 24 hours. Maybe it cost me Rs 10 per unit, but I  believe if done in a micro grid comprising ma­ny houses, it may come do­wn to less than Rs 6 per un­it of consumption,” Kalam sa­id.

Nuclear weapons will gradually be done away with and cyber war will  replace it in future, Kalam said  during  an interaction with students at the Su­burban Higher Secondary School at Ramnagar here.   “Both the United States and Russia put together have about 10,000 nuclear wea­pons. But they had signed an agreement recently to re­duce it. I hope that the nu­clear weapons will come do­wn by 30%,” he added.

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