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Transform Coimbatore into solar power city & Centre of Excellence: Kalam

According to reports, former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam today suggested tapping solar power in a big way to beat power outages and said this power starved city could transform into a solar power city and Centre of Excellence to create skill development centre for solar power for the nation.

“Solar power should be tapped in a big way, in view of the frequent power outages. It is an opportunity for power-starved Coimbatore to transform into a Solar Power City and the Centre of Excellence in creating skill development Centre for solar power for the entire nation,” he said. Speaking at the 10th year celebrations of ‘Siruthuli’, an NGO, Kalam said people could help develop a Solar Home Grid to power their houses by formulating a Cooperative model combining many streets together as a block.

In the long run, it would be economical and the electric power used by homes could be spared to industries and cross subsidy would reduce the cost, he said.

Kalam also suggested that small industries join together and form SSI Solar Micro Grid as a cluster through Cooperative management system.

“Small medium enterprises and big enterprises can create their own grid independently or in a SME Corporate Solar Power Grid under Cooperative Management System,” he said.

These three Solar Grids, with supporting solar policy of Tamil Nadu Government,could ensure Coimbatore becomes a famous Solar Power Hub, making the city a Centre for the solar Power industry, particularly in manufacturing nano-technology based solar PV cells with carbon Nano tubes, solar panel, solar thermal system, endurable nano battery system, various accessories and maintenance for Solar Industry, he said.

Later, when reporters sought Kalam’s reaction on the security threat in view of developments in areas bordering China and Pakistan, Kalam replied “If Coimbatore develops, the entire Nation will develop.”

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