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Solar PV project bidders get time till month-end to submit proposals

According to reports, solar photovoltaic power generation companies who have submitted bids to set up units in Andhra Pradesh or those who are now interested, have been given time till September 30, to submit their proposals.

The Government had recently decided to allow more companies interested in taking part in the projects under the State solar power policy.

As a part of development of green power, particularly solar, the Andhra Pradesh Government represented by AP Transco has given opportunity to all solar developers, including those who have not participated in the recently concluded competitive bidding for 1000 MW, to submit their applications for executing the solar projects.

They can do so with the tariff offer of Rs 6.49 per unit as decided by Group of Ministers.

Suresh Chanda, Chairman and Managing Director of AP Transco, while reviewing the progress of solar power projects bidding, has issued guidelines for prospective solar power developers to submit their applications along with non-refundable processing fee of Rs 2 lakh/location to execute the solar project at a fixed tariff of Rs 6.49/unit for a period of 20 years. They have been given time till September-end.

In all, 109 sub-stations were offered under this open offer for grid connectivity. However, solar developers will also be allowed to connect to any other sub-station in the State subject to technical feasibility. Also the draft power purchase agreement, list of sub-stations and the detailed guidelines are being published in AP Transco Web site

This decision to harness solar power has given an opportunity to those solar power developers who have not participated in the bidding process to submit their bids subject to conforming to the tender specification issued earlier.

The State Government had come out with a solar power policy and issued orders for encouraging solar power projects under captive and for third party sale.

AP Transco and distribution companies are in the process of issuing technical feasibility clearances commissioned under this policy. Approximately, 1200 MW have been given sanctions for grid connectivity. Further, the State has issued directed AP Transco to ensure setting up of 1000 MW solar power plants through the process of competitive bidding route.

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