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Kerala firm seeks time to sign PPA for 330 MW solar project

According to reports, the large-scale private investment in mega solar power projects showcased at the Emerging Kerala meet organised by the UDF government last year are set to miss the deadline. Hanjong Energy & Technology Pvt Ltd, the company shortlisted by the state electricity board for setting up a grid-connected 330-MW solar power plant has requested the board for more time for signing a power purchase agreement. According to the terms and conditions of the expression of interest invited by the KSEB in this regard, the company was supposed to start selling the first 50 MW power to the board latest by September 11, 2013.

The board in a meeting on August 19 has decided to extend the time frame for another three months, provided the company comes up with an unconditional request and stick to the price it quoted per unit of power.

Meanwhile, the KSEB has recently clarified that the company that was first touted as a Korean company by the government immediately after the Emerging Kerala meet last has no connection with Korea, but was a company registered in Kerala itself.

According to K Vikaraman Nair, former corporate planning chief engineer and present member (transmission and operation), the board decided to extend the time limit provided the company sticks to the agreement that at least 50 MW solar power would be generated by the company in another three months and the same would be sold to KSEB.

As per the calculations done by the KSEB, at least five acres would be in demand for setting up solar power units for generation of 1 MW power. In that case, the company would need 250 acres during the first phase. Once it completes its promise of generating 330 MW grid connected solar power, the company would need 1,650 acres. We have no idea whether the company is in possession of the land it requires for the project. Since we have no financial commitment with the said company, we need not to look into such aspects”, he said.

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