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‘Our inverters are customised to Indian conditions’

According to reports, Bonfiglioli designs, manufacture and distributes a complete range of gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes, inverters and photovoltaic solutions to satisfy the most challenging needs in the fields of industrial automation, mobile machinery and renewable energy. It offers tailored solutions, whose strength lies in the advanced content of each product and the intelligent integration of different technologies.

Mallikarjun B, Head of Sales, PV Business – India and Giancarlo Chiapparoli, Business Development Manager – India speaks to City Express about their products and their plans in the Indian market.

How important is India in your scheme of things related to solar energy?

India is an important market globally for solar energy and it is going to be one among the best in the coming few years. State governments have been showing good interest and many are also introducing policies.

From 185 MW in 2011 to 500+ MW in 2013, Bonfiglioli Regenerative & Photovoltaic Business Unit in India has exhibited tremendous growth in the Indian Solar PV market.

With 24 per cent market share and increasing, Bonfiglioli Inverters are customised to the Indian conditions and being the most preferred choice for the customer.

Tell us about a few plants in India, which uses your inverters.

At Bonfiglioli, we operate through four different Business Units: Industrial (incorporating our mechatronics and power transmission divisions), Photovoltaic (which also develops regenerative solutions), Wind and Mobile (focusing on applications for construction, agricultural and earth moving machinery, etc.).

These four distinct sectors develop specific solutions and applications in response to the varying needs of our increasingly complex and technologically advanced markets.

Bonfiglioli products are already operational across the Indian Geography. The largest being in Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh with 180+MW and 133+MW respectively.

This is closely followed by Rajasthan with 50+MW under operations.

The other states include – Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

The Service arm of Bonfiglioli ensures that your Inverters are up and running.

The first model plant was in Kolar which was a 3MW plant, which was fully equipped with Bonfiglioli inverters.

Then we had a 5 MW plant using thin film technology in Tamil Nadu and a 150 MW plant in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh which utilises our inverters.

How many facilities do you have in India and what are your future plans?

We have two manufacturing facilities in India and we have invested more than Rs 1000 crore in the country. Our inverter range starts from 30 KW to 1.6MW.

We plan to keep on investing in India. We will soon be announcing a one-of-its-kind facility in Bangalore too.

With dedicated service teams that operate across key markets in India, they help the customers in both pre & post sales assistance.

Personalised pre-sales assistance helps customers to optimise the dimensions of photovoltaic field, meeting specific needs and maximising output, efficiency and reliability. While the post-sales helps to not just maintain but also to put installation into service quickly and efficiently so that to enjoy an immediate return on investment.

With this level of pro-activeness, Bonfiglioli has already signed extended warranties for duration of 20 years and uptime contracts (98 per cent) with lot many customers in India.

In fact another factor behind Bonfiglioli’s success, has been an ability to supply products that offer excellent performance in terms of yield and reliability with more than 99.7 per cent availability.

Our experience in providing all-round and integrated support and service is reflected in all the photovoltaic solutions we offer.

This experience also forms the foundation for Bonfiglioli’s partnerships with customers at the forefront of the global revolution that widespread use of green energy will inevitably represent in the future.

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