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Kerala draft solar policy awaits Cabinet nod

According to reports, the draft of the solar policy for Kerala is ready and is awaiting Cabinet nod, a senior Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) has said.

M Jayaraju, Director, ANERT, was quoted as saying by The Hindu that the policy was drafted a fortnight ago and the final version would be published after the Cabinet approves it.

Quoting some sources, it also reported that the draft policy had been conceptualised much earlier and ANERT was supposed to implement it from this April; however, the government did not approve the plan.

The basis of the policy is the Electricity Act, 2003, which emphasises on promotion of renewable energy. The draft policy aims at increasing the capacity of the solar power in the state to 500MW by 2017 and 1500MW by 2030.

Kerala intends to make use of solar water heating system (SWHS) mandatory in industrial buildings, government as well as private hospitals and nursing homes, resorts, hotels, catering units and industrial canteens. Also, individual residential buildings with an area of 3000 sq ft and above will come under the purview of the policy.

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