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India to face a shortage of 6.7% in power supply in 2013-14

India is likely to face a shortage of 6.7% in power supply for the year 2013-14. States of Southern Region are anticipated to have energy shortage of 19.1% during 2013-14, as per the assessment of demand and supply of power done by Central Electricity Authority (CEA).

In order to overcome the shortage of power in the country, the government has taken a number of measures including the acceleration in generating capacity addition during 12th Plan with a proposed target of 88,537 MW (excluding 30,000 MW renewable) against an achievement of 54,964 MW during 11th Plan. Further there will be rigorous monitoring of capacity addition of the on-going generation projects. Development of Ultra Mega Power Projects of 4000 MW each to reap benefits of economies of scale and advance planning of generation capacity addition projects for 12th Plan.

Augmentation of domestic manufacturing capacity of power equipment through Joint Ventures.

Coordinated operation and maintenance of hydro, thermal, nuclear and gas based power stations to optimally utilize the existing generation capacity.

To meet the shortfall in coal supplies to thermal power stations from indigenous sources, the power utilities have been advised to import coal.

Renovation, modernization and life extension of old and inefficient generation units and strengthening of inter-state and inter-regional transmission capacity for optimum utilization of available power. Strengthening of sub-transmission and distribution network as a major step towards loss reduction. Promoting energy conservation, energy efficiency and demand side management measures.

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