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Now traffic lights in Hubli-Dharwad to run on solar power

According to reports, with the Hubli-Dharwad police commissionerate contemplating upgrading traffic signals in the twin cities with the latest technology, the crossroads in the twin cities will soon wear a brand new look.

If everything goes as planned, by next month the city roads will have solar-run traffic signalling system for which the government has already sanctioned Rs 50 lakh. The commissionerate has invited tenders for the work.

In Hubli-Dharwad, there are around 30 signals. Of them, 24 are equipped with solar and power while the remaining are functioning with electrical power which is expensive. Now the authorities are planning to add four more signals.

The decision was taken to reduce power usage for traffic signals Lighting will be produced by an array of energy efficient LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that are brighter than bulbs.

B A Padmanayan, the commissioner of police, said that the solar-equipped traffic poles will help reduce consumption of electricity and maintenance expenditure.

According to sources, the spurt in number of private vehicles and also NWKRTC buses in the twin cities has increased the traffic problem. As Hubli-Dharwad is growing rapidly, streamlining of the traffic system is also becoming a big challenge for the police department.

Most traffic signals in the twin cities were installed years ago and are not visible to all road users. Considering this, moves are afoot to increase the size of the poles.

N S Patil, ACP for Traffic, said that unlike earlier when HDMC used to install traffic signals, now the department is installing traffic signals to avoid power related issues. In case the solar signals develop any hiccups, there will be an alternative arrangement using electricity connection.

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