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CII calls for Green Buildings Movement

According to reports, experts at the CII sponsored two day conference on ‘Green Buildings’ demanded the government to lead a vigorous Green Buildings Movement in India, including Eastern Region.

“The Government must lead by example by transforming Government Buildings into ‘Green’. They must set an example. If we are really serious about building a Green India, the Government must show the way and convince people of the need to conserve our finite resources,” said Binoy Dutta, Chairman, West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB).

Green buildings, he added, provide an excellent opportunity to optimize the use of natural resources and reduce operating costs from day one.

Dutta also lauded CII for striving hard and working closely with all stakeholders and supporting the cause of sustainability.

“It will be an imperative for a sustainable tomorrow, and I am sure that an event such as this will enable people to comprehend the importance of Green Buildings,” he said.

“Green Buildings will go a long run in addressing some national priorities –energy efficiency, water conservation, handling of household waste, reduced use of fossil fuels, less dependence on the use of virgin materials, health and wellbeing of citizens, etc.,” said Pradeep Dhobale, Co-Chairman, CII National Committee on Environment, and Executive Director, ITC Ltd.

“Green building design, construction and operation should incorporate the latest innovative technologies, which are ecologically superior and can enhance occupant comfort,” added Dhobale.

He also disclosed that the West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) has urged the Calcutta High Court to ask pumps to stop selling fuel for the vehicles which cannot produce Pollution under Control (PUC) certificates.

“This is one of the six measures that the board suggested to curb vehicular pollution in the Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA),” he said.

“CII would be pleased to work more closely with the Board and facilitate the promotion of Greener West Bengal.”

On the first day, leading experts and industry stakeholders shared their thoughts and perspectives for a ‘sustainable tomorrow’.

Shakuntala Ghosh, Chairperson, Conference on Green Building & IGBC-Kolkata Chapter & Partner, Ghosh, Bose & Associates Architects, said Green Building is the only solution to the growing concerns over climate change and the associated hazards.

In a detailed presentation, she made an impassioned call to strive to make the environment for all.

“Only sustainable environment can ensure that,” said Ghosh, warning that failure to do that will lead to catastrophic results for humans and Mother Earth.

Dilip Chandra Chatterjee, Chairman, Indian Institute of Architects – West Bengal Chapter, called for synergies between stakeholders especially government agencies.

Also present at the Inaugural Session were S Srinivas, Principal Counsellor, CII, and Saugat Mukherjee, Regional Director, CII Eastern Region.

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