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ALSTOM T&D India announces strong Q1 results

Alstom T&D India Limited announced its financial results on July 27, 2013, for the first quarter ended June 2013, following approval by the company’s Board of Directors.

The company continues to maintain a healthy backlog of 63 BINR by winning 7 BINR orders during the last quarter. Sales revenue was 5.6 BINR and Profit After Tax was151 MINR.

Despite the challenging economic environment, the company succeeded in winning new Orders at better margins during the quarter. The market continues to be sluggish and decisions on major orders were postponed.

The main orders won by the company were from Central and State Utilities such as Power Grid, WBSETCL APTRANSCO, MSETCL and CSEPTCL. These orders were in the domain of Air-Insulated and Gas-Insulated Substations, Network Management Systems, Load despatch Systems and Reactors ranging from 220kV to 765 kV. The company continues to maintain its market leadership position.

The company won ‘Best International Exhibitor’ award at the prestigious Gridtech 2013 exhibition held at Delhi during April 2013 where it displayed its state-of-the-art Smart Grid model.

Commenting on the results, Mr Rathin Basu, Managing Director, Alstom T&D India said: Through consistent efforts, the company has succeeded in improving margin on new Orders quarter on quarter. A significant part of our Sales were postponed, despite having a healthy backlog of Order Book, due to delays in customer projects caused by prevailing uncertainty in the business environment. Alstom T&D India continues its efforts to optimise its cost structure to improve its profitability. The on-going SEB Financial Restructuring Plan is expected to create additional T&D demands in SEBs, IPPs and Industry for which we are geared to offer our high-end technology solutions.

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