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Rooftop solar plants: MNRE delists three companies

According to reports, Three out of 28 companies selected by Anert (Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology) for executing the 10,000-rooftop solar power plants programme have been delisted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy from its panel of channel partners.

Based in neighbouring States, the three companies will not be able to take up new works under the State government’s project. One of the delisted companies maintained that the process for renewal of licence was underway.

The company is understood to have fallen short of the work order target in the renewable energy sector in the previous year, a condition for renewal of licence. An official of the executing agency of another company in the delisted category said the government’s programme offered low financial benefits. He said no job contracts had so far been signed with any client.

A spokesman of the agency handling the work on behalf of the third delisted company said it was executing work taken up in the initial phase and had stopped taking fresh orders.Anert director M. Jayaraju said there was no bar on execution of work which had been entrusted to them prior to the suspension of MNRE licence.

Anert had laid out clear-cut norms for carrying out work under the rooftop solar programme and it would be monitored diligently. before allotting the monetary share due to the executing agency.

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