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New Gujarat wind power policy hikes prices

According to reports, Gujarat announced its new wind power policy on Thursday. Under the policy, plant developers can sell wind power to Gujarat government’s power company GUVNL or other power distributors at Rs 4.15 per unit. The amount was Rs 3.56 under the previous wind power policy that expired in March 2013.

Government spokesperson and energy minister Saurabh Patel said that the installed wind power generation capacity was 3,147 MW, up from 150 MW in 2001. It is expected to up with the implementation of the new policy. India’s total installed wind power capacity is 19,000 MW.

“The new rates will be effective for the next 25 years. Electricity generated through wind shall be exempted from electricity duty. Provision for selling power to third party has been made with some conditions. Provision for land allotment to developers for setting up wind power stations has also been made in the new policy,” the minister said.

The developers will be allowed to use electricity from wind power plants in their own factories located in Gujarat. “If power is used for more than one place for their own usage, an additional 5 paise per unit will be levied. Surplus power after usage shall be considered sold to the distribution company at Rs 3.52 per unit (85 per cent of Rs 4.15 per unit),” Patel said.

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