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Anert and Keltron fight it out for solar energy share

According to reports, as solar companies have come under a cloud of suspicion, two reputed state agencies are battling it out to get a share of the solar energy pie. While Anert is the nodal agency for the flagship 10,000 roof-top solar power plant project, Keltron has been tasked with a relatively low-profile mandate of installing solar plants in government offices.

Keltron’s attempt to get a share in the Roof-top project was turned down. “Keltron’s application was rejected as it is not an agency approved by the Ministry of Non-Renewable Energy (MNRE),” said Anert director M. Jayaraju. Government subsidy is provided only to MNRE-approved agencies. Keltron officials charge that Anert  had constantly opposed Keltron ’s entry into the solar energy field.
“They say we are not approved but the fact is we source our solar modules from Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Limited (REIL), a central government agency with MNRE approval,” said Grace Jenilet who heads the one-year-old power electronics wing of Keltron.
Jenilet said that Keltron has a better solar power technology than Anert. “It is strange that Anert ’s solar plant has to be manually operated whenever a household has to convert to KSEB power during cloudy or rainy weather. Our technology has automatic operations,” she  said.
Jayaraju said that Keltron did not have a technology of its own. “It depends on non-approved agencies and merely sub-contracts the work,” he said. Jenilet counters this by saying that invertors for the solar plant had been developed by Keltron. “As for the modules, we get it from REIL,” she  said.
She also said that, unlike Anert, Keltron stands guarantee for the projects it had undertaken. “In their case, it is the agency that stands guarantee. But what if these agencies cease to exist after a couple of years, like some of them already have?,”Jenilet asked.

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