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Waste could light up Connemara Market in Thiruvananthapuram

According to reports, the biogas plant under construction at Connemara Market at Palayam, considered the largest waste-to-energy plant to be installed within the Corporation limits, is about to become operational.

Welfare Standing Committee chairman Palayam Rajan told The Hindu that the plant would begin working on trial from next week.

The waste-to-energy plant can process two tonnes of waste a day and will yield five kilowatts of power. The project cost of Rs.30 lakh is borne by the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project.The plant was intended to come up at Kalippankulam on the city outskirts, but local people were up in arms against it.

People of Mr. Rajan’s ward, Palayam, which generates tonnes of waste daily, welcomed the plant.

Discussions are still on regarding how the electricity generated will be utilised. Mr. Rajan said around 50 light emitting diode (LED) lights could be installed in the market. Administrative sanction had also been granted for a project to install two LED high-masts within the market, utilising the MLA fund of Health Minister V.S. Sivakumar. Poorly lit premises have been a major grouse of vendors in the market.

The Corporation is planning to renovate the present fish and vegetable markets and till then, the vendors will be accommodated in a temporary shed. One portion of the shed will be allotted to market products manufactured by Kudumbasree units.

However, the proposal to allot space for Kudumbasree was opposed by fish vendors’ unions.

A meeting will be held this month to guarantee the vendors of their allotted space. Fish vendors have for long been complaining about lack of space and stench in the market. The stink shoos away customers, they say.

“On rainy days, when so many of us cram into that shed, the discomfort is unbearable. Even we find it hard to get used to the congestion and the stench.

You can imagine the customers’ plight,” says Baby, a fish vendor, who comes here daily from a village at Adimalathura.

The project, when fully implemented, could fulfil two things on their wish list — clean environs and proper lighting.

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