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Look at solar energy and utilise various incentives, SME entrepreneurs told

According to reports, belonging to a place known as the country’s energy hub owing to the capability it has to manufacture thermal power generation equipment catering to 75 per cent of electricity requirements in the country, industrialists in Tiruchi are preparing themselves to generate renewable energy as well.

Courtesy Tiruchi District Tiny and Small Scale Industries’ Association, which recently organised an orientation programme for about 50 entrepreneurs with support from TFSC (TANSTIA – FNF Service Centre), a collaborative venture between Tamil Nadu Small and Tiny Industries Association (TANSTIA) and Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Foundation (FNST), Germany.

The programme called economic lecture on “Renewable Energy and SMEs” was meant to prompt the participants to explore solar energy generation, with the available policy support systems.

Engaging entrepreneurs in the SME sector was vital. They were exposed to innovate in renewable energy generation, their applications, and the incentives they could look for in the Centre’s National Solar Mission to connect 20,000 MW of solar energy to the grid by 2020, R.M.P. Jawahar, Executive Director, TREC – STEP (Tiruchi Regional Engineering College – Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park), who initiated the programme, said.

Any talk about energy was invariably associated with thermal power. New technologies for generation of renewable energy assumed abundant importance for India which was grappling with the problem of climate change and carbon emission.

Rising sea level would pose grave problems for a country such as India. Renewable energy must be prioritised as the country would be saved of the trouble of managing wastes. While fly ash could be recycled, disposing bottom ash at the thermal power stations continued to pose a huge problem, Mr. Jawahar said and expressed readiness of TREC-STEP to tie up with TIDITSSIA for undertaking joint projects. He dwelt on the ambitious national solar mission and the performance of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat in wind energy generation, and the concepts of differential pricing and smart energy usage to encourage renewable energy generation.

TANSTIA Vice-President Rajappa Rajkumar addressed the SME entrepreneurs. TIDITSSIA president S. Abdul Rasheed presided over the programme.

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