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Charge your invertors using solar power

According to reports, Tata Power Solar has launched SunJeevini, a retrofit unit that allows conventional inverter batteries to be charged through solar power.

This is suitable for conventional inverter batteries in areas where there is constant power outage for considerable period of time.

This unit will power an existing inverter battery with solar energy in the absence of grid power. SunJeevini can also be used to augment existing grid charging to save on electricity bills.

According to the company, this is a zero maintenance unit and can provide up to 3.5 hours of additional power back up in a day.

It is designed to be scalable from 80 to 600 solar peak watts without any major changes to the system.

“SunJeevini lets people charge their inverters using free solar power. It not only saves on their ever-growing electricity bills, but also makes sure that their expensive inverter is charged and ready to use whether grid power is available or not,” Ajay Goel , CEO Tata Power Solar, said.

Such retrofit unit has a huge potential in India, particularly in remote areas where there is no grid electricity or poor quality of grid.

The company has launched SunJeevini in select key markets in the first phase and will expand it to other markets soon. It will be sold and marketed by Tata Power Solar’s dealer network across these states.

SunJeevini is available in four variants with basic unit starting at about Rs 11,000.

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