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Sun set to light up homes in Chandigarh

According to reports, you may very soon have an option to eliminate your electricity bill. A UT administration trial project will tap power from the sun. A few government houses will test its efficacy and practicality. If all goes to plan, solar power will be running fans and turning lights on in private residences in the near future.

After initiating energy-generating solar plants in government buildings, the science and technology department of the UT administration is set to kick off the project for residential areas. Initially, it has selected five government houses of UT officers in Sector 7 to install plants. A 2 kilowatt solar plant will be equipped in each house, having a capacity to generate around 8 unit of power daily.

The department has also tied up with the electricity wing for installing bi-directional electric meters in the five houses. The goal will be to record and monitor energy production and consumption. The job of installation of machinery will begin in the coming week.

“We are initiating and testing the new venture with government houses as changing meters, installation and other expenses comes within our ambit in comparison to private houses, says Santosh Kumar, director, science and technology wing, UT.

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