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Review of project that promotes use of biomass based fuels

According to reports,a joint project of India and the U.S., the review meeting of which was held in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, will deliver a working model for production of bio-fuels with minimal environmental impact and overall sustainability, besides other advantages.

According to a release, the review of the Indo-U.S. collaborative project for development of Sustainable Advanced Lignocellulosic Biofuel was held at the Department of Bioenergy of TNAU, in Udhagamandalam. The cost of the project is Rs. 25.78 crore.

Nearly 35 representatives from the research and academic institutes involved in the project from India and the U.S. attended the review meeting.

The project also focussed on delivering a working model for feed stock production and supply, and biochemical conversion approaches and technologies.

Vice-Chancellor of TNAU K. Ramasamy stressed the need for producing ethanol blended petro-fuels. He believed that the consortium involving Indian and U.S. partners would address the important challenges the world was facing in the field of lignocellulosic biomass. Sustainable production and tapping of biofuels from non-food based feed stocks could increase energy independence, reduce green house gas emissions, and promote healthier land use while providing additional jobs and income to rural communities.

“Environmental and energy security concerns are forcing countries to shift to alternatives in the form of bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, etc. At present, bio-fuel production is minimal, accounting only for one per cent of global production.

Policy support, technological breakthroughs, and cost-effective feedstock production, are some measures that will help augment bio-fuel production,” he said.

Technologies for ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass were under preliminary stage of development that required extensive research and development, the Vice-Chancellor added.

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