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Sun will be our next power plant, says Punjab minister

According to reports, Punjab would see a 10 per cent increase in solar power production by 2020 with the state government saying that it is looking at renewable energy sources to meet its power needs. The state government is planning to install solar voltaic panels on rooftops of houses and is offering 70 per cent subsidy on such panels, said state cabinet minister Bikram Singh Majithia.

The “sun will be our next power plant,” Majithia said, referring to the initiatives taken by the government with a view to harnessing non-conventional energy sources. Giving details about the state government’s new and renewable power sources policy of 2012, Majithia said that besides pursuing non-conventional energy, the scheme would prove to be a milestone in Punjab’s development story.

He said that renewable power projects set up under the said policy would be extended every incentive which was available to new industrial projects.

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