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Tangedco to clear wind power dues soon

According to reports, the issue of arrears in payment by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) to wind energy producers appears to be getting resolved with the power utility releasing funds to its field offices for settling the bills up to March this year.

Stating that the Tangedco’s head office has made adequate funds available for the field offices to clear the bills, senior officials say that between May 2012 [when the previous year’s wind season began] and March 2013, approximately 11,000 million units were fed by the wind energy producers into the system, of which 50 per cent was meant for captive consumption that was enabled through wheeling. Only the remaining 50 per cent of wind energy was sold to the power utility. The total amount due was Rs. 1,900 crore.

Enquiries with field offices reveal that the disbursal is underway up to December last. It is only a matter of time and formality that the bills up to March would be cleared, according to sources in the Tangedco and wind power producers’ industry.

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