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Wind Energy comes as a major relief for Rajasthan discoms this summer

According to reports, in a lesson learnt the hard way, the state power department, unlike last year, is avoiding overdrawing power from the Northern Grid to meet the high demand of power this summer. In a rare scenario, the state is presently underdrawing from the Northern Grid. Overdrawing was the reason the Northern Grid collapsed last year, following which discom officials including that of Rajasthan were fined. Despite the severe heat conditions, the frequency at the Northern Grid is well above 50 and most states including Rajasthan are drawing lesser that what they are entitled to because of what happened last year.

While in May 2012, the state had overdrawn power from the Northen Grid on all days except one, this year, it has underdrawn power on all days of May except on May 13 when it overdrew 8.71 lakh units power. On Monday, the state drew 68.67 lakh units of power lesser than what was approved from the Northen Grid.

What’s come as a major relief at this hour is the domestic wind energy. The state is currently reeling under extreme weather conditions and the demand for power is recorded to be among the highest for the season. On May 17 at 1,701 lakh units (LU) as against the same period in 2012, the highest demand was 1,515 lakh units. Since then, the demand has ranged between 1,566.54 lakh units and 1,659.80 lakh units. Though, there has been a slight dip in demand, the gap between demand and availability exists.

However, what comes as a major relief is the wind energy. Since the unprecedented rise in the demand, the state discoms have been getting more than 200 lakh units of power through wind energy. “Harsh sand storms are frequent in summers, which is one of the major reasons behind the increase in power production by wind. As the availability currently is almost three times of what it was at the beginning of this month, it has helped bridge the deficit to a large extent,” admitted a senior official of the Jaipur discom.

This being the election year, the state power department had prepared itself to meet the high demand and made advance purchase. “The state gets about 400 MW of power per day, which comes to about 96 lakh units, as part of advance purchase agreement from the Northern Grid and other states. This was done keeping in mind that the situation to enforce power-cuts during the election year does not arise,” he added.

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