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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation plans to generate watts from waste

According to reports, AMC to produce 20 MW power using waste sewerage. It signs MoU with Abellon Energy to generate power from solid waste; production likely to begin in 2016.

As part of its goal to make Ahmedabad a zero-waste city, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) plans to generate electricity using municipal solid waste (MSW) and sewerage. It aims to produce nearly 20 MW power through this project in the near future.

The civic body has already signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Abellon Energy to produce 15 MW of power using solid waste as fuel. It will provide around 1,000 tonne of mixed solid waste per day to the company to produce electricity using thermal recycling technology.

“The final agreement was signed recently and production is likely to start by 2016,” said a senior official of the AMC solid waste management department.
The project, based on public-private partnership (PPP) model, will follow European emission norms in the absence of any such regulations in India. The official went on to add that there would not be any need for open storage or dumping and manual segregation of the waste.

Also, there are plans to use sewerage for production of electricity. The civic body has nine sewerage treatment plants in the city. In the initial phase, it plans to tap greenhouse gases at the Pirana sewerage treatment plant, following which it will expand to the Vasna sewerage treatment plant.

“The civic body will be able to generate around 5 MW electricity using sewerage,” said a senior water supply and sewerage department official. He further stated that electricity generated in this manner would be for captive use, to operate sewerage treatment plants. “We will be able to save around Rs 3.5 crore per month from our electricity bill,” the official added.
In future, the civic body also aims to either sell or take electricity credit from the power distribution company against electricity used by AMC anywhere else in the city. The procedure for floating tenders to invite bidders interested in setting up the plant on PPP model has already begun.

In the past as well, the civic body had set up 5-KW duel-fuel turbine for electricity generation owing to the hike in diesel prices. It used to run on diesel and gas, but it did not turn out to be viable. Now, it will set up a 100 per cent gas turbine to reverse cost disparity.

Surat Municipal Corporation has signed an agreement for generating electricity using solid waste as well.

At present, Delhi Municipal Corporation processes around 1,300 tonne solid waste to generate around 10 MW electricity, while Pune’s civic body has commenced a plant for producing approximately 3 MW electricity by processing around 300 tonne SWM.

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