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Andhra bureaucrats get bold, refuse to increase solar benchmark price

According to reports, winds of change – subtle but perceptible – are blowing across the bureaucracy in Andhra Pradesh. With netas in power increasingly in the dock on corruption charges, the officers have lost all respect for their political bosses and choosing to assert their right.

“We don’t want to be part of the illegal decisions that might land us in trouble at a latter day. We are asserting our moral right to take decisions which we are supposed to, without fear or favour. We are not ciphers,” a senior IAS officer told STOI.

In another example, when politicians ganged up to grab solar power tenders and bring pressure on the cabinet sub-committee on solar power to increase bench-mark price, they encountered officers like Hiralal Samaria and M Sahoo, who refused to initial on a decision favoured by the politicians. The officers lobbed the ball into the court of ministers who wanted to fire their guns from the shoulders of the former.

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  1. To avoid all these problems of using someones shoulder, it is better to form a business plan with financial numbers and make the people to bid an uniform price with FiT, only, serious players will bid…. interest subsidy will make the state government to buy the Solar PV power at rs. 5/kwh and also by abolishing Capital Subsidy, Viable Gap Funding and Accelerated Depreciation…. does these IAS officers, without FEAR OR FAVOR, propose such policies to create new entrepreneurs with Funding (refer my article in Energetica India (March Issue) ?? I can support them with all the material including the initial mentoring support too to ensure the pay back of loan including the energy generation…..Let there be a 10 MW solar PV power in every taluka of AP and funding can also be arranged through many good banks, if Interest subsidy mechanism is worked out…..which also eliminates EXIM banks and the FOREX fluctuation risks for the next 25 years!!!…. be Indian and Buy Indian, including the ideas….

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