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India- US cooperation in solar energy development

There are various ongoing cooperation activities with United States in developing solar energy sector in India.

These include a Joint Working Group on New Technologies & Renewable Energy set up under the India-US Energy Dialogue initiated in May 2005 interacts regularly for development of various new and renewable energy technologies including solar.

Also activities relating to improvement in “Solar Resource Mapping of India” and “Reliability testing of photovoltaic modules” were initiated under an MoU on technical cooperation in the field of solar energy signed in November 2009 between the Solar Energy Centre (SEC) of the Ministry and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of USA and the same are ongoing.

A new project on Solar Energy Research Initiative between India and United States has been taken up recently involving Research Institutes and Industries of both the countries for development of solar energy technologies. The Solar Energy Center of the Ministry is a partner in this initiative.

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