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Kakatiya Energy Systems launches energy-saver switch

According to reports, energy management company Kakatiya Energy Systems has launched an outdoor lighting product, Nature Switch, an automated street lighting control system.

Nature Switch is an off-the-shelf alternative to traditional lighting controls. It utilises innovative switching controls and when coupled with optional auto-dimming technology for HID (high intensity discharge) lamps, it can reduce up to 40 per cent of energy usage, the company said.

This can be achieved by reducing the wattage of HID lamps from 100 per cent to 60 per cent of the wattage during non-peak hours on national highways and state roads.

Public lighting consumes approximately 7 per cent of all the power generated in the country, while utilities and local governments struggle to reign in power expenditures.

Lakshman Rao, Managing Director, Kakatiya Energy Systems, in a statement said Nature Switch incorporates automatic dimming technology for HID lamps. This allows for more efficient use of energy in lighting.

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