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Tamil Nadu to lead India’s solar power revolution by 2015

According to reports, Tamil Nadu would generate around 40 percent of the solar energy produced in the country by 2015, said Sudeep Jain, chairman and director of the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency ( TEDA).

Jain was addressing an international workshop on renewable energy, climate change, energy management being held in the city on Thursday.

He said that solar power generation was set to surge as state was all set to complete its roof top solar revolution by 2015 as part of its solar energy policy and programme.

Tamil Nadu generates about 8,000 mega watt of renewable energy at present. In developing power technologies, Jain said, the major challenge before the state was to develop better battery storage devices and other power storage systems.

“We need to develop better technologies in this sector. Such expertise are not going to come from developed nations. Our technical institutions and research centres should come out with such projects,” he added.

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