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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s green mission

According to reports,the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has taken a decision to convert many of its existing new buildings into green buildings, with several power saving features and employing renewable energy. Though initially the plan was to have a hybrid – wind and solar – power plant atop the sports complex and the AMC central office building, but the AMC decided to draw another list of buildings that can employ the power and water saving measures. The AMC is now employing three consultants for Rs 1 crore project to draw a plan for the conversion of buildings into green buildings. The proposal was passed in the standing committee recently.

“We want to propagate the idea of green buildings in the city and wanted to show how eco-friendly technologies can be employed to existing buildings and save costs. But before we started on the campaign we decided to begin from home,” says a senior AMC official.

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