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Solar energy users demand rebate in property tax

According to reports, Industries have sought concessions in property tax for those using solar energy from the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC). The civic body is contemplating to give the concession to the industries in Satpur and Ambad industrial areas of Maharashtra Industrial Devel- opment Corporation (MIDC).

The proposal is to be tabled at the next general body meeting of the NMC.

NMC’s deputy municipal commissioner (Octroi), Haribhau Phadol, said, “Industries are already given 5% concession in property tax for using solar energy. Following the demand, we are planning to give 10% concession. But we will have to get the approval of the general body. We are preparing a proposal in this regard and will table it at the general body meeting.”

He said that after the general body approves it they may also have to seek the permission of the state government. The NMC provides 5% concession to people using solar water heaters based on the state and central government’s policy to encourage use of renewable energy. Since March 2006, it has given concession to 3,434 property owners.

President of the Nashik District Industries and Exporters’ Association, Ramesh Pawar, said that recently the central government committee in a meeting said that those using renewable energy resources can get up to 10% concession in property tax. “This policy will make renewable energy source popular. However, this is not a permanent concession, but for a limited period,” he said.

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