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Tata Power, Posco affiliate keen on solar projects in Tamil Nadu

According to reports, Sungjin Geotech, an affiliate of the South Korean steel major Posco is keen on developing “200 MW and above” of solar power projects in Tamil Nadu. This was stated by Alex Kim, who represented Sungjin at a meeting that took place here of prospective solar power developers and that Tamil Nadu electricity utility, TANGEDCO.

Speaking to Business Line on the sidelines of the meeting, Kim said that Sungjin had been “looking for opportunities for solar projects in Tamil Nadu” for the last two-three years, but things were clear only now.

Asked if Sungjin would own all the 200 MW of solar power projects or would create a park in which other developers could put up their own projects, Kim said the company was open to all options.

Tata Power is another prospective solar investor in Tamil Nadu. Among those who participated in the investor-Tangedco meeting was Krishnan Rajagopalan, Manager (Strategy & Business Development). Krishnan later told Business Line that Tata Power was examining the prospect of putting up a solar project in the State.

There were representatives at the meeting from Mytrah, GMR, Kiran Energy, SunEdison, Mahindra Cleantech and Enfinity.

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  1. We need Ask these steel plant and auto giants to use the roof top of their industry for Solar PV and avoid transmission loss by consuming the energy generated in the day shift and then compete with others….. they must do it as CSR to reduce the carbon pollution which their industry is contributing…..this also save the land for better purposes…

    Rs.1 Cr/MW is done to make these large corporate to eat a larger pie (i.e rich become rich and create wealth to rich), so, wealth distribution to many entrepreneurs will not happen…. TN Govt must put a max cap per entity so that many entrepreneurs can access the funds under National Entrepreneurial Development policy, thus, wealth creation and distribution to avoid saddam or reliance to live in 27 story building….?? i.e filthy exhibitionist of wealth in a poor democratic country like old time autocratic kings !! … hence, in a democratic country, we need to put a cap on large corporate getting in to every field….to avoid pseudo law makers or accumulate huge wealth like Arab countries…

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