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India needs to focus on renewable energy projects

According to reports, India needs to focus on implementing renewable energy projects and bring down dependence on fossil fuels as the focus will turn towards low carbon economies, according to Dieter Mutz, Director of Indo-German Environment Partnership.

Speaking to Business Line at the CII meet here on Friday, he said Japan, Korea and Germany, Switzerland and Sweden are among early initiators focussing on bringing down carbon emissions in their plants. Significantly China too has made rapid strides.

Bringing down dependence on raw materials and minerals by recycling aluminium, glass and steel among others wherever possible was key to this drive, he explained.

“India needs to do lot more and at a much faster pace by setting targets if it is keen on slashing its dependence on fossil fuels for power generation. No country can set objectives based on its dependence on fossil fuels. Even large establishments have not done enough on this crucial aspect by setting up solar plants,” he said.

Even small houses use solar plants in Germany for heating requirements and these serve for most of the year where the light is relatively low. India must speed up and set much more aggressive targets for renewable energy generation, he said.

The Indian steel industry is likely to grow by about three times by 2020 as there is potential for huge infrastructure development over the decade. But most steel plants are functioning at very low efficiency and consume huge energy. This must be brought down while focussing on recycling.

Dieter Mutz said water is the biggest resource which needs to be conserved at a global level. Industries consume huge water and efficient modes of its treatment and reuse will be extremely useful. One can reuse them and also see how best useful minerals could be extracted for use in agriculture.

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