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TANGEDCO to seek bids from solar power producers soon

According to reports, Tamil Nadu will soon start the process of calling for competitive bids from potential solar power producers, according to sources in the know.

Following the announcement of the Tamil Nadu State Solar Energy Policy 2012 last month, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company has invited investors to set up 1,000 MW of solar power plants. It hopes to enter into power purchase agreements at tariffs to be finalised on a competitive bidding basis.

The State Government’s policy has targeted the establishment of about 3,000 MW of solar power generation by 2015 with 1,000 MW being added annually.

The policy also provides for industrial and commercial consumers to meet at least 3 per cent of their power requirement through solar power in 2013 and 6 per cent from 2014.

This Solar Purchase Obligation can be met through captive power generation or through third party purchase. The utility hopes to facilitate this process through the competitive bidding route to enter into long-term agreements with potential investors.

Tangedco has called for a meeting of prospective investors on November 23 at its office to discuss the issues concerned. By then it hopes to upload the bidding documents in which the details are to be provided, according to sources .

Through the policy, the State Government hopes to encourage utility scale solar power parks of 1-10 MW each to add about 1,500 MW of solar power generation.

The policy said the developers will be selected through the competitive and reverse bidding routes.

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