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Bhubaneswar on path to cut carbon emission

According to reports, if everything goes as per plan, Bhubaneswar will be a city with low carbon emission. The state capital was selected by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and ICLEI, an NGO working on environment and energy for implementation of Green House Gas (GHG) inventory. The inventory will help reduce carbon emission.

On Friday, these two organizations gave a presentation to BMC officials on this as the corporation is one of the stakeholders. “After a survey we found that Bhubaneswar is ideal for implementation of low carbon emission plan. We have collected the city’s energy information during the survey and have built a GHG inventory along with a low carbon action plan for the city,” said Ashis Verma, project officer (energy and climate), ICLEI.

He said Friday’s meeting was meant to discuss the energy baseline, GHG inventory and low carbon action plan. “We will seek comments from stakeholders later to improvise the action plan. The revised action plan along with GHG inventory, cities’ commitment towards embracing low carbon actions will be put on the global reporting platform called Carbonn later on,” said Verma.

BMC’s participation in this campaign will help in tackling issues of climate change by making the city city free of carbon emission, said K P Pati, deputy commissioner of BMC. “There were many stake holders at the present. Bhubaneswar was selected for the Earth Hour City Challenge,” said Pati. The challenge is a competition among cities to prepare for increasingly extreme weather and taking steps to move towards a future of 100% renewable energy.

“Climate change is the most evident environmental problem facing the world today. We have to move from a high energy-use, wasteful economic model to one that conserves energy and minimizes waste, said Aarti Khosla, head of the programme campaign.

This initiative is a culmination of a campaign called “Earth Hour” that started in Sydney in 2007. India joined this campaign in 2009. Under this initiative, all the selected cities will go through a process which entails formation of a city stakeholder group and preparation of an energy baseline.


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