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Mysore City Corporation to set up biogas plant

According to reports, if things go off well, Mysore City will have a biogas plant in about two years now.

Mysore City Corporation authorities has signed an agreement with Eskiltuna Energy and environment (EEE), Sweden, to study the feasibility study in building up a sustainable system for handling organic waste for biogas production here. The study will serve as background for preparation of details project report and consequently a new sustainable biogas production unit.

“This is first sustainable system project in India and third one outside Sweden for EEE. We are working a project on treating waste water in Indonesia and waste management in China, EEE project manager Matthias Gustaffson told TOI.

EEE was established in 1993 as municipality owned company with responsibilities for distribution of electricity, fresh water production, sewage and solid waste treatment. Our experience offers knowledge in how to collect raw materials, manage organic waste and operate a sustainable biogas plant. Mainly we are interested in collaboration and transfer of our know-how on this score.

“We have done pre-feasibility study since April, 2012 and as per our study, Mysore is generating around 280 tonnes waste every day and from which we can generate approximately 5.2 million cubic metres of methane can be produced,” claimed Matthias.

The EEE has on Friday signed an agreement to do feasibility study on this score. The study time would be one year during which they will carry out a study visits, training sessions, workshops and seminars both in Eskilstuna and Mysore. It would take approximately about eight months to set up a biogas plant in Sweden whereas in India, it depends. Once the study, which would take a year, is complete we will submit our report to the MCC for their decision to set up the plant.

Biogas can be used for producing electricity and heat and upgraded biogas can be used for fuel or be fed into natural gas grid. However, the Mysore’s Civic body is yet to decide on its usage. But In Sweden, biogas being produced is largely being used as vehicle fuel, the EEE project manager stated.

MCC commissioner M R Ravi said there was a general agreement on waste management between Eskilstuna municipality and corporation in 2009. During the period a team from Mysore visited Eskilstuna and a team from Eskilstuna visited Mysore to discuss the issue. As a result of subsequent meetings, we are entering into an agreement to study the feasibility of the project in Mysore, the MCC chief said.

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