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Intelligent Energy looks to break into Indian market

According to reports, Intelligent Energy, a leading producer of hydrogen fuel cells and other clean technologies, is looking to break into the Indian market. India has been showing more interest in alternative energy recently, looking to reduce its impact on the global environment and its reliance on foreign sources of energy. Much of the country’s attention, in terms of alternative energy, is being directed at solar power, but hydrogen fuel is beginning to gain traction with the government.

Intelligent Energy will be working with the Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s largest oil and gas business, in order to develop new hydrogen fuel cell systems designed specifically for the Indian market. India’s blossoming economy has put heavy strain on the country’s outdated energy infrastructure. As the economy continues to expand rapidly, the old energy grid cannot keep up, thus leading to prolonged blackouts and other problems. In order to keep up with the pace of progress, India has been burning through fossil-fuels at a rapid rate, producing massive amounts of air pollution, especially in the country’s most populated cities.

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