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Wind power not infirm: Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association

According to reports, wind power is not “infirm”, says the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association (IWTMA). The Association’s Chairman, Ramesh Kymal, today said that the idea that wind power was ‘infirm’ was a “bogey used out of context.”

Kymal was addressing a press conference about the forthcoming ‘Wind Power India 2012’ event that the Association is organising between November 28 and 30.

Answering a question about the perception that the electricity produced by the windmills is fickle, he said that it was a “no brainer” that wind power follows a particular pattern, day after day.

This goes against the general perception, especially in Tamil Nadu which has 40 per cent of India’s wind power capacity that electricity from the windmills tends to be off-and-on, as it depends upon the blowing of the winds, and hence creates grid problems.

Kymal’s stand was actively supported by G K Pillai, founder-Director General of the World Institute for Sustainable Energy. He said that apart from the point that wind was not infirm in nature the issue was irrelevant in the context of power shortage. “What is infirm power when there is no power?” he asked.

Kymal said that when the southern grid would be connected to the rest of the national grid, power can be freely transmitted from and into the southern region. In such a situation, the issue wind power being infirm would lose any significance.

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