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Consumers should explore solar option for inverters

According to reports, the Kerala State Electricity Board will soon take a count of households relying on electrical inverters to deal with the planned power restrictions in the state. It doesn’t intend to declare a war on inverters, though. The aim is to persuade consumers to explore the solar energy option to charge their inverters.

Board finance member S Venugopal said the widespread use of electrical inverters was a reason why KSEB fails in achieving the desired results of power restrictions. He said any reduction in power used to feed the inverters would benefit both consumers and the board alike. The board is looking at several options to take a census of household inverters. “Our meter-reading employees can gather the information but the data would need a secondary validation. We have not yet finalised the secondary validation option. I hope most consumers would heed to our appeal as it would be mutually beneficial,” Venugopal said. The state electricity regulatory commission has set proliferation of energy conservation methods and promotion of green energy production as two key responsibilities of KSEB, but the latter is yet to come up with any major initiative of massive nature.

Board sources said the consumers can be offered subsidies to set up solar units once it puts forward the solar energy option for charging the inverters. “A two-page pamphlet, in English and Malayalam, would be distributed among consumers from this month. It will give the best practices in power consumption and the reasons for our appeal to reduce it during peak hours,” an official said.

KSEB had earlier identified the increasing number of induction cookers in households as the main reason for a sharp rise in power consumption early in the morning. However, the board and the government later clarified that there was no move to restrict the use of induction cookers by law, considering the general sentiments.

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