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Young entrepreneurs of BHU to promote solar energy

According to reports, unlike most of their classmates who wait for lucrative job offers in their final year of engineering courses, a group of fourth year students of Indian Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU) have set a different trend by starting their own company before completion of engineering and are aiming to help world face the challenges of power crisis in near future.

Using solar energy, the young entrepreneurs are developing and installing solar power plant, solar water heater, solar submersible pumps, solar lighting and other equipments. Adarsh Khandelwal, the chief executive officer of this company and a fourth year student of IIT BHU says, “Our vision is to make the country self-sustainable in energy needs in next few decades. We want to start it by making Varanasi a solar city and for that purpose we have already designed space and cost efficient solar energy system for Sankat Mochan Temple for making the temple self-sufficient in electricity needs”.

These students are also developing solar operated boats, which would replace fuel being used at present to operate motor boats in near future. According to Khandelwal, these boats are being reviewed under technical phase and is expected to be cost efficient than fuel operated boats.

Apart from providing an alternative solution to diesel, petrol and electricity from grid supply, Khandelwal along with team members Aditya Kackcker and Jai Prakash is also working in rural belt of city outskirts to help farmers and villagers in getting cheaper and constant supply of electricity by switching over non-conventional energy.

“The electricity from grid supply costs around Rs 4.5 per unit while if generated from diesel generator it costs around Rs 15 per unit. In comparison to it the power generated from solar energy system costs cheaper.

However, the cost of installing solar devices and space are two major problems for utilising solar energy. To meet that, we design space efficient system for every person as per their need and space available. We are also working to make a design for which a vast land area or rooftop is not required,” informed Khandelwal.

Notably, the young entrepreneurs are getting financial, business, technical support and guidance from professors at Technology Business Incubator, sponsored by department of Science and Technology, government of India at IIT-BHU. According to Khandelwal, while they are installing solar energy systems for all interested people, they are focusing on technical institutions and rural areas for their energy needs.

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