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Nod to solar projects in 30 days in Tamil Nadu

According to reports, stating that renewable sources of energy are of critical importance to future power production, the Solar Energy Policy 2012, unveiled by CM J Jayalalithaa, aims to concentrate on solar power to bridge the divide between demand and supply.

The policy also pointed out that solar power generation has an additional advantage of storing heat energy that can be used to produce electricity during non-sunny hours.The policy said TEDA would be the nodal agency for all solar power projects and would provide all statutory clearances under the single window system in 30 days to ensure that plants were commissioned in less than 12 months.

The government would also invite global majors to invest in the establishment of manufacturing facilities in the State with necessary incentives to position TN as the  regional hub for integrated solar power generation and technology development. “Investments through joint ventures by State PSUs will also be encouraged at competitive tariffs”, it added. Since it is expensive to procure power from generators as compared to conventional and other renewable sources of energy, the State would select  developers through tariff-based reverse/competitive bidding.

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