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Tamil Nadu Solar Policy targets 3,000 MW solar power in 3 years

According to reports, Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Saturday unveiled an ambitious Solar Energy Policy 2012, aimed at generating 3,000 mw in next the three years from 2013 (1,000 mw per year).

The policy also aims to achieve reduced carbon emissions and grid parity by 2015, thereby projecting Tamil Nadu as a solar hub.

Creation of solar energy parks, provision of incentives to domestic consumers who set up roof-top solar installations, mandatory installation of solar panels in all new government buildings and offices of local bodies, operation of drinking water equipment and street lights of local bodies on solar power and incentives to manufacturers of solar energy equipment are among the salient features of the new policy.

The policy also envisages big factories and high tension industries utilising a significant percentage of solar energy for their establishments. According to the policy, those coming forward to install solar energy systems would be provided with tax concessions, besides exemption from electricity tax and demand cut.

To give a thrust to new solar projects, the government has  constituted a seven-member empowered committee headed by Electricity Minister R Viswanathan to expedite projects.

Pointing out that the global solar market is expected to have an installed capacity of 227 Gigawatts by 2016, the policy said global solar installations expect to reach 46.8 GW per annum by 2016, up from 19.8 GW in 2011, with a compounded annual growth rate of 18.7 per cent during the same period.

With 300 clear sunny days in a year, the State has a reasonably high solar insulation  and southern Tamil Nadu, in particular, is one of the most suitable regions in the country  for solar power projects, the policy pointed out.

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